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* Tetsuya Komuro's Globe Won Nihon Record Taishou Award * * Morning Musume Won Best Newcomer *

The 40th Nihon Record Taishou Awards {The Japan Record Awards}, announced its awards listing 2 nights ago. 'J-ent Godfather' Tetsuya Komuro's Globe won Record Taishou Award with Tetsuya Komuro became the 1st person in history to win this award for 4 times in a row. Morning Musume won Best Newcomer.

* Komuro's Eyes Filled with Tears *

In 1995, TRF won Record Taishou Award with ; in 1996 and 1997, Amuro Namie won this award 2 years in a row with and . This time, 40 year old Komuro won not as a producer but as a group member. Teary eyed Kumoro, typically very calm, said: "I worked hard for 14 years, this's the 1st time I won this award as a group member, my hard work's not wasted!" Globe's lead singer Keiko and Rapper Marc screamed happily: "Mom, I got it!"
Best Newcomer winner Morning Musume defeated [Komuro's members] Tohko and Suzuki Ami. These 8 female members were discovered by Tokyo TV station 's program; they averaged 17 year old. Their single sold a million copies; they deserved to win newcomer award. The oldest member (25 year old) said: "I never dreamed of winning this award. At the same time, I start to feel pressure!"
I got Globe's new Album--RELATION-I have ALL their albums..and I think this one is as good as any of Globe's albums... I really like Sweet Pain from the first album---Is this love/Faces Places from the second album and the third I would say either track #7 or You are the one. As for this New Album--I like SA YO NA RA and Wanna b a DMaker da best (and track 8). I got Wanna be a DreamMaker single when it first came out and I am still not tired of listening to it over and over again. Song list: 1. Letting out a deep breath, 2.across the street-cross the WATERS, 3. WANNA BE A DREAMMaker, 4. creamy day, 5. SA YO NA RA, 6. SWEET HEART, 7. like a snowy kiss, 8. calls from the public, 9. relation, 10. Prefume of LOVE, and 11. Illusion --- and Keiko wrote the Lyrics for track #7 and #11 while Marc wrote #1, 2, 4 , 8. Many people said that Globe doesn't deserve to win the Nihon R. Taishou award--GLAY, L'ARC r both in competition with Globe..and yet, globe won. Many people believe L'ARC should've won cuz of their achievements in year 98. Even if L'ARC didn't win, Glay should've won dued to their tremendous dedication to Music. However, when I listen to Globe's Wanna be a Dreammaker, I think they DO deserve the award (note: GLAY is my No.1 FAV. group-- and I think they'll win next year!!!)

* Partial Listing of The 40th Nihon Record Taishou Awards * - Record Taishou Award: WANNA BE A DREAMMAKER~globe
- Excellent Works:
  • ALIVE~Speed
  • Honey~L'Arc-en-Ciel
  • Nagai Aida~Kiroro
  • Ride on Time~MAX
  • Nirinso~Miyuki Kawanaka
  • Time Goes by~Every Little Thing
  • Aishu Minato~Kotomi Tagawa
  • Raphsody in Blue~Da Pump
  • Soul Love~GLAY
  • Wanna Be a Dreammaker~GLOBE

  • Special Awards
  • My Heart Will Go on~Celine Dion
  • Pink Spider~Hide

  • Album Taisho (Best CD Album Award)
  • Time to Destination (Every Little Thing)

  • Excellent Albums
  • Mother Father Brother Sister~Misia

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