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98 Kouhaku at Jill's ~KOUHAKU SCENE~

* Namie's Comeback at Kouhaku: Cried & Lost Voice * * Kimura's Highly Energized Singing *

translated by HELENA
AT this year's big new year's eve NHK annual event ~the biggest focus j-tv/j-music fans is definitely -- Amuro Namie's <1st Comeback Live> at Kouhaku on DEC 31st: Whether she's as fit as before? The answer: She didn't drop any Watt, still professional as ever. This 21 year old new mommy was really overcame with emotions (she was touched), therefore, when she sang 'til the end of , she couldn't hold back her tears and lost her voice; lost 2 phrases. What a touching scene!
Smap appeared a little bit earlier than Namie; they wore suits and sat singing . Kimura Takuya, who held a guitar and dominated the Solo part, seemed to be electrified - he sang very well, his voice vibrated, even better than listening to album-disc! Cool (or great)!
* Norika Fujiwara Dressed Up * Talk about coolness, definitely worth mentioning was judge Norika Fujiwara who sat at VIP along with other famous people (such as superstars of sports, older stars, and so on)! 27 year old Fujiwara dressed up as Pink Lady and wore jewelry borrowed from New York jeweler Harry Winston; jewelry worth 215 million yen. Beautiful to the point where words can't even express.

[pic#1: While singing at Kouhaku, Namie was so touched by fans' reactions that she cried] [pic#2: Vivian Hsu and Black Biscuit didn't worry about the consequences when they played, NHK couldn't do anything about them]

* Kouhaku: Amuro Namie was Touched & Cried *
Japan's Kouhaku was officially held 2 days ago; red team ended up winning. This year's biggest focus is of course Amuro Namie's comeback. When Namie appeared that night, the entire hall applauded, her Fans even screamed together "You are back!" As a result, she couldn't hold back her tears anymore. While singing, she was so overcame with emotions that cried and couldn't sing.This side cried {referring to Namie}, while the other smiled to the point where eyes could't even be seen (only teeth are visible). Black Biscuit's Vivian Hsu (1st appearance at Kouhaku) was very happy; her expression was a sharp contrast to Namie's. In addition to singing, Black Biscuit performed a magic section with Pocket Biscuit; the audience was quite excited.Something happened that got NHK really angry. Black Biscuit was supposed to write a word for 'Red' and another for 'White' to promote this event. However, when they flipped the signs, it turned out to be a NTV program.

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