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TOI ET MOI: July 7th 1999 {NO MTV for this single}
  • NAMIE's new movie is called "Dream Seller" (not yet released);also starred--Max,and Speed
    Amuro is holding a concert on August 28/29-(6000yen) @ Chiba Marine Stadium from 6 pm-it's a concert with Da Pump, Speed and Max altogether. I'm not sure if you can get the tickets, cuz they are sold to the ppl in the fan club first, they might not have enough left. Then they will have to pick randomly who gets to go...(The ticket will be sold to non-FC members on 7/2.
  • JULY 7: new single called "Toi et Moi" releases
    The song is ending song for the animation Movie "Pocket Monster."
  • SEPT 1: She will be released another single produced by Dallas Austin, (Grammy winner) producer of TLC. He composed some songs for her and will chose which song TK and Namie will like the most.

  • More INFO ---
    source: Nikkan Sports Shimbun (page 26)
  • --Komuro suggested some idea to change Amuro into a bigger adult pop singer.
  • -- Then, Komuro came into contact with Dallas Austin and asked him to produce a song for Amuro, and he accepted Komuro's offer
  • Ausutin has sent 3 or 4 songs as candidate songs for Amuro's new song to Japan
  • Austin will visit Japan on June 27 to meet Komuro and Amuro
  • Komuro plans to add Japanese lyrics to Austin's song
  • Amuro says, "I haven't listened to the new song yet, but I'm really looking forward to seeing my new song. I often listen to TLC songs."


  • 8/14: WHAT's IN?
  • 8/17: WHAT's IN?
  • 8/23: ViVi & TV
  • 8/30: The ICHIBAN
  • 9/3: ANAN
  • 9/5: CD DATA

  • Emiko TAIRA, 48, mother of pop singer Namie AMURO, was killed by her brother-in-law Kenji Taira in front of Emiko's pub "chello" in Ohgimison, a small and peaceful village in a northern part of Okinawa main island.---------
    This is an updated piece of information announced on Fuji TV's 6:00 o'clock news aired just 30 minutes before.According to this Fuji TV program, Emiko was run over three times by Kenji's own car. The news also added, It was well known Emiko and Kenji weren't friendly. When she was hospitalized to Kenritsu Hokubu hospital of Nago city, she had no pulse, and was already dead. Around 11:45 p.m., her doctor sentenced her death. Then, the hospital informed Rising Production of her death at 0:00 p.m., and a Rising Production staff let Namie Amuro and SAM know Emiko's death at 1:00 p.m. When Amuro-chan knew her mother died, she looked very embarrassed. When she knew it, she stayed at a Tokyo hotel to attend an official press meeting.
    On the same day of her mother's death (March 17), Amuro's new song (AVDD-20315) was released. At 2:00 p.m, Rising Production planed to host the official press meeting to announce her new song. However, the press conference was canceled. Knowing the tragedy, SAM and Amuro left Tokyo around 3:00 p.m., and they are going to reach the Okinawa main island around 6:40 p.m. (about 10 minutes from now).
    The police said, Kenji, a suspicious person of this crime, was discovered to be in a coma, having no pluse. According to the up-to-date info, Kenji's death was officially announced just a few minutes ago.So many Amuro fans are wondering now why such a tragedy happened to the Taira family. Many special newspaper issues are published to let all people know Emiko's death.
    Data Source: Mainichi Daily News--March 19, 1999---Police dub 'Amuro' killer lovesick
    Naha (Okinawa) -- Police, investigating the killing of pop singer Namie Amuro's mother, said on Thursday that her brother-in-law attacked her apparently because she and her husband had been opposed to his association with a local woman. Okinawan Police believe that a conflict over the woman between Kenji Taira, 44, and the couple was the motive for the brutal killing of Amuro's mother by Kenji on Wednesday. Police officials say Kenji began dating the woman in 1996. But Amuro's mother, Emiko Taira, 48, and her husband opposed their association because the woman apparently didn't want to marry him. As a result, Kenji's relationship with the woman deteriorated in 1997. Kenji, a construction worker, was found unconscious in his car on Wednesday. Police believe he committed suicide after allegedly killing Amuro's mother.
    Private funeral service of Emiko Taira will be held on March 20 1999.
  • date/time: March 20/ 2:00 p.m. (Japan Standard Time)
  • place: Daitenji (Daiten Temple)--- address: Matsuyama 1-9-1, Naha city, Okinawa, Japan----tel: 098-868-3491
  • the funeral's chief mourner: Mitsuteru Amuro (25) --(Mitsuteru Amuro is Namie Amuro's elder brother. Amuro is a former family name of Emiko before her remarriage)

  • Basically, this funeral service is private. Even if you send a telegram to this temple, the telegram may not be accepted. As the telephone line would be busy for their private calls, don't phone to the temple. The press will also call the temple very often. Namie Amuro now stays at a house of her brother Mitsuteru (locating in Chatan town) According to Rising Production, Amuro will stay in Okinawa until March 22, and return to Tokyo, and begin doing her singer jobs again on March 23.--[Data source: Nikkan Sports Shimbun, March 19 issue]
    [all dates/times are based on Japanese Standard Time]------BY: Ken chanGBH02764@nifty.ne.jp

    SEPT'98: Amuro's mother has written a book called "Yasusoku" (PROMISE) and it is all about Namie Amuro. (if you want to know what this book is all about please e-mail me). I was told that Amuro is going to the gym and voice trainning-also she took Haruto to her sister so her sis can take care of him while she prepares to come back. Yea~GO Namie~!!July 13'98:(source from Ken Chan) Namie Amuro lost her grandmother. On July 10, Namie Amuro's grandmother Kiyoko Unrasaki (74) died and the reason why Kiyoko died is unknow. Namie rushed back to Okinawa to say good-bye to her grandmother. Since Namie's mother Emiko Amuro (47) divorced 17 years ago), Namie grew up with her mother and grandmother. Namie's grandma was one of the most important person in Namie's life. However, Amuro could only stay in Okinawa for 2 days because her father in law Masayoshi Maruyama's funeral service is going to be held on July 13th in Iwatsuki city.On June 16th: Masayoshi Maruyama (father of Masaharu~ SAM~Amuro's Husband) died on the night of June 16 due to a heart failure. He was 69 years old. Sam left his famaily house for his job in Hiroshima after he was informed of the death (eh? isn't he suppose to be in "mourning"). AS for AMURO, she is in great sorrow (according to several TV programs)~Masayoshi was a very well-known doctor in Iwatsuki city, Maruyama Memorial General Hospital, and he operated Amuro when she delivered her baby. Some background on the family: three of Masayoshi's 5 sons are doctors; a dentist (eldest), a maternity doctor, and an orthopedic doctor: so their family in lined up with doctors..therefore, for the family, Sam is something like a "black sheep". Amuro son, Haruto, won't have a chance to see his grandfather anymore.... July Review: Amuro's new video~"181920 film" was released~also in VCD. May 30th: Namie Amuro~Rising Production president Tetsuo Taira visited Maruyama Kinen Sogo Byoin on May 19th to see Namie Amuro. The present said to namie, "Congratulation!" and added "You don't have to worry about your singing job." Taira commented to the press, "I don't know when she comes back, but we're ready to restart." In addition to the president, several people visited the hospital, including Namie's mother.
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  • AMURO Namie's Exhibition
    I heard that it is Awesome
    with many rare Amuro's
    collections and items.
    In addition, there are lots to see there.
    According to reports, there were 1,600
    Namie photos and 4, 000 people were
    there to see this exhibition

    AMURO's gonna be on the Kouhaku THIS YEAR!!!!!!! She is gonna be the "TORI"=last singer for the Akai-Gumi~It has always been an honour for singers to be the last singer on Kouhaku. Let's cheer on Namie and hope she drops the bomb at THE BIGGEST New YEAR show in Japan...!!!~~~~ WELL, SHE DID~! SHE BROKE DOWN INTO TEARS at the end of CAN YOU CELEBRATE and her team-AKI- WON!!!!
    The NOVEMBER 22nd issue of the Nikkan Sports Shimbun reports that Namie Amuro will come back as a TV Talent singing the theme song of NTV's new drama starting in January. She is going to sing one of the next two NTV programs:
  • "REFRAIN" starring Tsuyoshi Domoto from Kinki Kids on Saturdays at 9:00
  • "Yonige-ya Honpo" starring Masatoshi Nakamura on Wedesdays at 10:00

  • The article also reports that:
  • Namie's producer will once again be Tetsuya Komuro
  • Namie was a regular member of NTV Programs and these programs include "The Yoru mo Hippare" and "Amuro & Imada Kitto No.1" Therefor the NTV Job was selected as her new work

  • Composed by TESUYA KOMURO
  • I've heard this new single already-the whole song--(on DEC.18...I know a person who got a hold of it); however the single won't release til the 23rd. This song...is different from the songs Namie use to sing...it's not like Chase the Chance-the beat is slower. It isn't like the TECHNO in Concentration 20. This song is more like CAN YOU CELEBRATE, but not as slow...Personally, I Like IT...The SONG itself, I think it's very much like the songs SPEED would sing..yet, it's not dance Music--I think the song sounds really nice cuz SPEED tend to "over-sing" with extremely high pitches for melodies like that. This song also has a lot of nice PIANO melodies at the beginning.
    AMURO's new AD
    if you want to hear or see Namie's new MTV/single clip please go to her offical site

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