AMURO's come back Ad will be out on Jan. 16 1999. This poster is already released in Japan 2 days ago (DEC. 20). Probably to promote Amuro's new song "I HAVE NEVER SEEN" is used in this cosmetic CM.
  • AMURO's the 1999 Spring model for japanese Kose cosmetic-films 'comeback CM'
  • Visse's targeted customers are females from 18 to 25 years old. Using new mom Namie (who creates/leads the trend in a clean and transparent feel) triggers the market.
  • In reality, ever since Namie represented Kose Lipstick 2 years ago, its lipstick sales increased by 10% setting its profit to 250million Yen in 2 months.

  • *Namie's New SINGLE Sold More Than 1 Million Copies

    Amuro Namie didn't let down everyone's expectation by selling more than 1 million copies of her 1st comeback Single in just 2 days. Her record company was relieved. It's proven that she rested 1 year, but her popularity level hadn't gone down.
    Japan's economy is in trouble; consumers spending is less. Many singers who had guaranteed sellings lost hands {meaning not successful as expected} recently. For example, Komuro Tetsuya 's Globe: Several of their Singles could only sold 400,000 to 500,000 copies {each}; they couldn't sell more than a million copies as easily as in the old days anymore. Therefore, the record company is worried about its selling figures. Luckily, Namie's attraction and image are still praised so sales of her new song are able to obtain celebrated result.
    Married Namie had no negative rumors so her popularity is maintained and continued. Mrs Sam, coming back after 1 year, will definitely be busy for a while; maybe, she won't even have time to babysit!

    *Beautiful Housewife Namie's Makeup CM-Extremely Popular *

    Originally written by Helena--but Modified by Meeh!
    Before Namie returned, outsiders didn't look that too well. However, after her 1st return [Kouhaku], no one dares to look her down again!! Namie's publicity is one after another; her new CM will be out to shake the entire Japan.
    Namie changed her straight hair to curly-hair new look, but forKose's A Make CM, she straightened her hair. Obviously, the target of Namie's new Look is 20-year-old OL, no longer those below 20's looks. This new CM will be released on japanese TV stations on the 24th of Jan; there will be 2 versions: 15 seconds and 30 seconds.
    The style and feel to this makeup line is simple, clean and pure. Early on, she already likes this CM and makeup, so she used it when appeared on Kouhaku. In addition, NHK will release Namie's special (21 year old's challenge) which talks about her comeback process and Kouhaku backstage.
    In the , Amuro Namie sang and cried at the same time:shook the entire floor. After her touching singing, 21 year old Namie appeared again one Jan 15th; every step has its plan, walking her comeback road. That day, Namie is no longer spotted with her curly hairdo nor her tied-up bun do; she appeared with straight hair (a lot more) to promote Kose A Make makeup.

    * Poster Trend *

    Before Namie rested 1 year to give birth, she was named [10 Generation Teaching Group] ([10 Generation] refers to 10-19 years old). What about 1999's 'New Namie'? From now on, her 'customers' are definitely 20 generation and OL! Namie's brand new Kose A Make CM will be out the same date as the makeup release date; it'll be aired on every big TV station in Japan from 17th up to the 24th of JAN. In addition, 1,200 sheets of Namie's A Make posters will also be posted all over starting tomorrow. It's believed that it'll cause another ? {H: stolen} trend.

    *Promoting Makeup *

    The letter 'A' in A Make represents Aquatic so Namie dressed in all-white costume at the press conference. She said: "This time, makeup is very fresh, when I filmed the cm, I already liked it very much. It's planned very early on to use this type of MakeUp to appear at the eve of !" (So Hard Sell, Kose really didn't find the wrong person.

    * Worried that Poster Would Be Stolen *

    Based on past experiences (promotional posters of stars such as Kimura Takuya, Takeshi Kaneshiro, and so on got stolen not long after they were put up in the street), Kose's also worried that the same thing will happen to Namie's promotional posters. However, they haven't thought of ways to prevent this from happening, Posters will be put up, will decide on what to do after Fans steal them. In addition to new cm, tonight NHK TV station will also air Namie's documentary special <21 Year Old's Challenge>. As reported by entertainment section before, the special will contain parts of Namie before and after her comeback such as rehearsals, backstage that evening, and so on..

    * Amuro Namie Changed New Look to Match CM *

    Just a few weeks ago, we talked about how Namie worked hard to drop the pounds for returning. Actually, she worked hard to lose weigh so that she can present her best form and she will appear in a brand new image; bringing up another Namie-trend.
    Reported in the past, Kose makeup company uses Amuro Namie as their brand new [Visee] line (also named A Make) spoke person. At first, everyone thought that this line will use Namie's trademark complexion (tanned and extremely healthy) as the selling point. However, at the press conference 2 days ago, cosmetic company mentioned that this time Namie's [snow white] image will be the selling point.
    To match [snow white] image, Namie appeared especially in all-white clothing at the press conference (later on, she will still try to keep herself snow white). She said that after using this set of makeup, she gets a brand new feeling, totally Hard Sell. This time, Amuro Namie's new CM will use future ? as the background to purposely create a pure-white/transparent feeling. In addition, Namie's new song will be used as the background music. It will definitely satisfy every Namie Fans.

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