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  • title: NINE CUBES
  • catalogue #: WPC6-8500 WARNER MUSIC JAPAN
  • Produced by: TETSUYA KOMURO
  • Release date: NOVEMBER 26 1998
  • SONGS Included:
  • Daily news
  • need somebody's Love
  • Anata ni tsuite
  • here we are
  • Sagashimono
  • Winding Road
  • Storytelling
  • Tumblin' dice
  • Waiting for your smile
  • sagashimono -repsrise-

  • JAN 1999

    Several TV news sources including NHK 10:50 p.m. news) said, popular singer Tomomi Kahala, 24, (her real name is Tomomi Shimogawara) lost consciousness at her family house in Koto-ku, Tokyo, and discovered by her younger brother. She was hospitalized and recovered. Police officials say her room smelt of a town gas, and is investigating the reason why she fell down. [Data Source:NHK 10:50 p.m. news] Translated by Ken chan
    Data Source: Mainichi Daily News FOR February 1, 1999-(c)Mainichi Shimbun
    Popular singer Tomomi Kahala was found collapsed in her apartment in Tokyo's Koto-ku over the weekend after inhaling gas in an apparent accident, police said.
    The 24-year-old Kahala, whose real name is Tomomi Shimogawara, was hospitalized and subsequently released on Saturday, her mother said. Kahala's brother called police after being telephoned by the singer, who lives next door on the third floor of a building in which their mother owns a first-floor restaurant.
    police believe the poisoning was accidental since they found no signs of an intruder or evidence of a suicide attempt. According to her mother, the singer was overcome by gas while cooking.
    Kahala is one of the nation's most popular singers, having leaped to stardom under the wing of producer Tetsuya Komuro. Her first album, "Love Brace," sold 2 million copies within a week of its release. [translated by: Ken chan]
    Data Source: Mainichi Daily News ---May 21, 1999
    Pop singer Tomomi Kahala, who recently declared a come-back after a nearly five-month hiatus, was found collapsed and nearly unconscious early Thursday in the lobby of a Tokyo apartment building, sources said.
    The 24-year-old singer was believed to have collapsed around midnight on the first floor of the building in Koto-ku. She was taken to a hospital and was later reported in stable condition. Tomomi has not given stage or broadcast performances throughout this year due to illness. Her last performance was on December 31 for a New Year's Eve broadcast on NHK.
    [additional info by Ken-chan] Later, several news sources said, a doctor of Juntendo hospital announced he found no signs of evidence of a suicide attempt. He added, she collapsed because of anemia (poverty of blood). When news sources let us know the collapse, Production Ogi (her talent agency) threw into utter confusion. The president of the agency rushed into the hospital to see how she is. Komuro, her former boyfriend, announced no message because Kahala transferred to another talent agency ( Production Ogi). A staff of Komuro's agency said, "we have no comment on the collapse because Kahala-san isn't a member of our talent agency." [data source: Nikkan Sports Shimbun, May 21 issue] translated by= Ken chan =

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